IBNLive.com — Get your maths right

You might have noticed that 3G auction in India was a huge hit with Governement earning > 65K Crores.
I was just reading this news in IBNLive and was astonished to see this miscalculation.

IBNLine has tried to convert rupees into dollars and has done a stupid mistake..

Just Check at this. This was around 11:25 AM.

The Delhi circle attracted the maximum bid amount of Rs 3,316.93 crore ($ 735 million), followed by Mumbai at Rs 3,247.07 crore ($ 721 million), Karnataka Rs 1,579.91 crore (1 million), and Tamil Nadu Rs 1,464.94 crore ($ 325.5 million).

If 1,464.94 crores = $325.5 million how could 1,579.91 be just 1 million.

I wonder who does the calculation…uff

The article where the blunder lies is here — http://ibnlive.in.com/news/reliance-bharti-aircel-big-winners-in-3g-auction/115726-7.html

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