Productivity and Smartphones

My first smart device was Nokia e61i(if it can be called so). Ever since, I have noticed that my dependency on computer has reduced for certain aspects and most importantly checking mails.

During working hours, it’s quite common to get tempted to check personal mails. But i believe this distraction, consumes significant productive time. when I progressed from Nokia e61i to a 3rd Generation iPod Touch, I noticed that I was hardly using my pc to check personal mails.

Checking mails from a smart device saves a lot of productive time. From past two weeks, I ran a test check myself, to track how much time, I was saving by using various online services such as twitter, Facebook, and mail from smart device instead of desktop web browser.

It turns out that in each usage, I was saving an average 3 mins per service.

I would check twitter at least 8 times, Facebook 5 times, personal mails 6 times.

This roughly translates to saving about 1 hr of productive work daily.

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