Own sentences in English

Today, my friend’s blog reminded me of my challenges with English class in childhood. One of the deadliest exercises oin English class was to construct own sentences.

Once the teacher was explaining about constructing sentences that convey politeness (we should use please, thank you etc). Then at the end she gave a word, “disturb” and asked the class to construct an own sentencence. I jumped over my desk and raised my hand to be the first to tell my sentence.

The teacher was very happy to see me raise my hand. When she asked me to read it out, I said, “Dear friend, please disturb me”!!!!. I was overwhelmed since the teacher and the whole class burst out laughing. I was thinking they were appreciating my effort. It was only at the end of class, my teacher told everybody to disturb me, I realized that my intension was to say, ” Dear friend, please do not disturb me”.


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