You might be knowing that there is a sudha(ಸುಧಾ:kn_IN) weekly (www.sudhaezine.com) that gets published. In fact, I personally enjoy reading Sudha at home. She has been my companion for many years now. I could hardly wait to get a copy on every Thursdays. Around two years back I had released a firefox addon that enabled the users to read Sudha offline. A friend of mine had blogged about this some time back. The download link could also be found there.

Now its time for a mobile application that lets you read Sudha. This is a first ever attempt to get a Kannada magazine onto mobile.

Sudha, the online version is available for free. However, the experience with mobile hasn’t been encouraging and that prompted me to come up with a framework for getting magazines onto mobile.

i-Sudha, based on a mobile framework designed for e magazines, provides an enjoyable reading experience on a iPhone/iPod Touch. Some of the unique features of this mobile application are:

1. Provides a Easier way to browser through Sudha Magazine archives, from current week to previous 3 years.

2. Easy Navigation between pages. Now, navigate across pages using Scrubbing feature of iOS. Right to left scrubbing would take you to next page and left to right scrubbing loads previous page.

3. Enjoyable Reading experience with Zoom-In and Zoom-Out features. Use 2 fingers to zoom-in and zoom-out. Double tap to restore to original scale.

4. Stores the Sudha Pages locally so that you could read Sudha as many times without needing internet, subsequently.

Update 18-Aug-10 IST – The app is now available from Apple App Store.


13 thoughts on “i-Sudha

  1. ಮರುಕೋರಿಕೆ (Pingback): i-Sudha App is available on App Store | Jinnu's Blog
  2. Good to see that you have Sudha App in appstore use. I didn’t know that. So I created on to use myself for iPad.

    Does the app is officially one from Sudha or it’s hacked one to use freely? Because mine is hacked one by finding their content & url formats.

    You can check the iPad version video for the kannada-prabha magazine. I just have this app for my & my wife’s iPad for now. For your eyes only http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOw9QSqzD-M 😉

    ~ Raghava


  3. I have downloaded the app on my i phone . this app is not the worth for the name of the magazine .. It really works dead slow even on 3G or wi fi .. I got really bored surfing the app as it takes ages to download pages on my iPhone .. they should work on app .. one good thing about the app is it has previous issues with no charge …..


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